Decolonizing the Caribbean  Part Two

When asked whether decolonization is a process or a destination, McPhee asserts that decolonization is a process of moving away from, and an undoing. Actions such as replacing symbols, replacing the Crown and replacing the Privy Council make it seem like we’re going to a destination. McPhee states that decolonization is “a continuous process of changing the way we think, changing the way we live, and changing our value system”. In Democracy in Black, McPhee highlights Eddie Glaude’s discussion on the value gap and how society values whiteness more than blackness.

Part 3 Becoming a Republic: The Case for Antigua and Barbuda

In this interview with Kieron Murdoch, we look at the possible negative effects of becoming a republic and examine the impact of colonialism on the Caribbean. Born in Antigua and Barbuda, Kieron Murdoch is a recent graduate of UWI St. Augustine, with a first degree in Political Science. Murdoch is also the producer and host of ‘The Big Issues’ at Observer Radio which runs on Sundays from 1pm-3pm. 

The impact of Caribbean anti-vax protests

It’s happening in countries all over the world. There are large percentages of national populations that are resisting taking the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of supplier. The Caribbean hasn’t been immune to this and it has made even Antiguans, some of the more placid people in the Caribbean, take to the streets in protest of increasingly widespread requirements for full vaccination. Across the region, including Barbados,  St. Vincent and Grenada, there has been resistance against taking the coronavirus vaccine.

Help For Haiti

Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire is a registered Canadian charity, formed in 2002 by Dr. Eric Pierre and members of the Haitian community. Our mission is to assist the less fortunate particularly the young and elderly.  


Antigua Cruise Port announced in a press statement this week that the construction of its fifth berth, the newest pier at St John’s Port, Antigua is completed. According to the statement, the $30 million investment was started before the pandemic and finalized in November 2020, despite “minimal interruption created by the unwelcome virus.”
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