written by
Norman Hart

At the present there are many Casinos in Antigua & Barbuda. Including Kings, The Boardwalk, Ascot’s Arcade, Paradise, Casino Royale, Granda Bay, and Joe Mikes Hotel Restaurant Casino. Gambling is entirely legal in this island nation and since 1994 is one of the biggest online (internet) providers in the world. Since 1988 the KING’S CASINO has been the most popular and is located on the seashore, not far from the parking lot of cruise liners.

The sea, great weather and luxury are what attracts a large number of gambling enthusiasts here. By visiting any of the casinos players will be able to enjoy a huge number of slot machines, the possibility of betting on sports events and table games including Poker, Roulette and Keno. You can find over 350 slot machines and can place bets on various amounts, from a cent to a dollar.

Whilst at Kings be sure to play the Colossus slot machine it’s one of the most popular in the world with an impressive jackpot of $ 50,000 that attracts a large number of players. The next most popular is the BOARDWALK CASINO which is located in the cruise port of St. Johns. It presents innovative opportunities that allow people to experience the full charm of gambling. Over 100 slots and video machines and you will find a huge amount of entertainment suitable for people at any income level.

There are several more big casino resorts under construction in Antigua & Barbuda including a large project spearheaded by Robert De Niro. The budget for these is close to $250m. All these facilities make Antigua & Barbuda’s well-liked among punters across the globe. Currently, there are around 150 approved online (internet) casinos with headquarters in Antigua and Barbuda. These casinos also offer better job opportunities to the local people that are currently employed as IT experts, marketers, and central employees. Also, these locally licensed casinos contribute to the revenue of Antigua & Barbuda. They bring around $ 3.4b to the budget of the twin states. So next time you’re in Antigua & Barbuda don’t forget to try your luck……