written by
Norman Hart


When visiting Antigua & Barbuda you might feel as if you’ve arrived in paradise, but after driving around the island for a day or two you’d soon realize how stressful and hellish the roads are.  Apart from there hardly being any road signs to navigate around the island it’s also noted that most roads are too narrow to pass safely and many are not paved and full of dangerous potholes that can ruin the best of cars.

I now understand why there are so many abandoned vehicles that litter front yards, fields, and thousands that are just left by the roadside. When driving over a pothole many cars get punctures, breaking axles, and suffer alignment problems. A lot of the cars owned on the Island are small cheap second hand vehicles that arrive from Japan and are not built for these kind of dangerous roads.

To get around safely people should only be at the wheel of ATV’s, Jeeps, and pickup truck until the roadways get widened and properly paved. Those travellers that choose to stay at any of the fine beach hotels where they can eat, sleep and sunbath all day have the best stress free holidays....