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CARIFESTA  is expected to be held in Antigua and Barbuda in August 11-21-2022 under the theme ‘One Caribbean. One Environment. Diverse Cultures’. 
The main purpose is to gather artists, musicians, authors, and to exhibit the folkloric from Caribbean and Latin American region

The diaspora began as early as 1950 when England put out a call to action for Antiguans among other Caribbean islands for labourers due to the shortage of workforce. 

Beyond the dramatic and inspirational performances on stage, the music, the dance and folklore, the artistic manifestations of painting, sculpture, craft, beyond the exhibition of our cultural creativity, our way of life, CARIFESTA engenders a nostalgic pride among Caribbean people, of who and what we are, what we are capable of achieving, what we possess, our peculiarities and similarities, and that which is excellent among us.

A sense of warm rivalry in presenting to the world our best inspires the preparation of national contingents which separately and collectively showcase the ingenuity and talents of nation states and the Caribbean as a whole.

This imbues in Caribbean peoples a sense of unity as the cultural face of the Caribbean is presented in its diverse splendour. It fosters a sense of pride in things Caribbean. CARIFESTA offers a unique opportunity to “depict the life of the people of the Region, their heroes, morals, myths, traditions, beliefs, creativity and ways of expression”. It provides a forum for the people of the region to be exposed to each other’s culture, and in the process, cultivates tolerance and appreciation for differences, an integral element of any movement towards integration

Carifesta is just around the corner and the Antigua and Barbuda Association with the St Vincent and the Grenadines Association have collaborated to bring you a wide variety of meals to choose from, for this year's Carifest celebration!…;