written by
Monique Abbott
The Antiguan and Barbudan Association of Toronto (ABAT) initiated a collaborative effort with Hold On Pain Ends (H.O.P.E) Foundation (Antigua) to address the issue of food security among marginalized populations in Antigua. These individuals include marginalized men, women and older adults. CV19 has affected many people in Antigua and across the world. With the lack of social supports available, these donations will help address food insecurity.
Between June 1- 30, 2021, ABAT raised funds on behalf of H.O.P.E Foundation. We raised $700.00 Canadian dollars towards the initiative. With these funds, the Director of H.O.P.E, Eshe Williams was able to coordinate locally supported food baskets for families in need. Families received poultry, ground provision and other non-perishable food items.
On July 9th, 29 families were able to access food packages. 93.1% of the participants identified as female. The recipients were from the following parishes; 73.1% were from St. John, 13.8% from St Mary, and 6.9% from St. Phillip. Most families had 4-5 family members in need of food.
This event was really successful, however, it addresses the issue of food insecurity on a short term basis. We hope to make this event a regular occurrence to assist more families in the future. Monique Abbott, the Youth Affairs Officer, looks forward to further collaboration with H.O.P.E Foundation to address the
needs of Antiguans and Barbudans from the diaspora.