written by
Norman Hart

I’ve been buying cored pineapple at my local food store for a while, after getting home and because I don’t have to peel it I proceeded to cut chunks out and gorge myself, I soon realized a tingling in my mouth and thought it came from eating too much of the fruit.

Did you know that the acidity of the fruit contains the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromeliad, which breaks down protein including the flesh on the inside of your mouth. I recently visited a farm in the south of Antigua and discovered The Antiguan Black pineapple which is a golden coloured disease-resistant fruit that has a high sugar content and therefore the soft and juicy flesh is also lower in acidity so there’s much less mouth sensation. The pineapple is said to be the sweetest in the world and was first cultivated back in the 1600’s by the Arawak people who originated from South America.

I recently visited a 20 acre government run facility in the south of Antigua where I found fields teeming with pineapple perfection. Advantage is taken of the rich soil, moderate rain and nearly endless sunshine.   The fruit has become a precious commodity that’s grown in the ground not trees. The Antigua Black is a point of pride for the entire country as it stands atop the Antiguan coat of arms, a fitting tribute to such a healthy delight found nowhere else on the planet.  Many tourists are able to taste them from the roadside stands and that helps spread the word. Can’t wait to return and eat more of it. Here is a short video I took of the fruit fields.