grow ops
written by
 Norman Hart

One of the new attractions that caught my eye on a recent 2023 return trip to Antigua and Barbuda was a store by the harbour-front selling cannabis.  The name is GROW Antigua & Barbuda Ltd, and its setting a new standard for medical cannabis in the Caribbean.

Since 2017 cannabis possession was de-criminlized in Antigua and soon after from 2021 GROW became Antigua’s first licensed homegrown medical Cannabis company.  It ensures top quality medicine that is processed to create more than just cannabis, but a remedy for all your medical needs. The enterprise was established by public and private concerns which included the government of Antigua and the Rastafari communities, One of the main reasons for this venture is the partnership with Rastafari as they offer decades of natural and spiritual wisdom in the cannabis plant, and the passionate dedication in refining it to such a degree. It seems that this is only the beginning as more stores are planned throughout the Caribbean and the aim is to have all the ingredients to put GROW Antigua & Barbuda Ltd. on the World’s Medical stage… good luck...