power hama
written by
Clifton Joseph

Mitzi and Howard Allen, the dynamic-duo of Antigua and Barbuda filmmaking and cinematic arts and production, the daring duo that helm HAMA Films, are celebrating their thirtieth year of marriage and filmaking with their fifth feature film "Deep Blue".

"Deep Blue" is described as "an environmental love story", in which Peter Williams plays the architect David Hamilton, the architect behind a proposed luxury resort who falls in love with an environmentalist hell-bent on stopping the project (wherein) the stage is set for a tragic showdown between the developers and the small fishing village community leaving their fragile marine environment hanging in the balance".

The couple's first feature, "The Sweetest Mango", in 2001, was the first film from Antigua and the Eastern Caribbean and was hailed, immediately, as a classic by critics. They quickly followed it up with "No Seed" the next year, "Diablesse" in 2005 and "The Skin" in 2011.

"Deep Blue" is HAMA's first feature film in over a decade.