written by
Clifton Joseph


Kwane Delfish was recently invited by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authourity to the inaugural Antigua and Barbuda ArtWeek, held at various locations around the twin-island state as well as the Verc C. Bird International Airport, showcasing the work of a plethora of artists based on the island and some from its diaspora, as Delfish, who was the lone Canadian invitee.

Born in Toronto of parents from A&B and Montserrat, the hair artist, designer and visual artist has distinguished himself by designing two coins for the Royal Canadian Mint in the last seven years, the only African-Canadian to do so.

Delfish was thankful for the opportunity and told the media and publich that he was "honoured to be... in the ..Antigua and Barbuda Artweek, dedicated to showcasing the brilliant and creative minds that the country has to offer is not only important for increased awareness-it fosters a safe and necessary space cor continuous conversations to be had about the impact of our art on our community. I believe that Artweek will be a powerful vessel through which individuals can be inspired by engaging with artists, learning more about a plethora of artistic mediums, and in turn, become empowered to digdeeper into their own creativity-all while connecting to our rich culture. This type of experience is invaluable and critical to increased understanding of the intersections between art, culture and community..."

"...I look forward to being in Antigua and Barbuda to share my experiences as an artist but more importantly, to learn from my peers as we work collaboratively to inspire our community and a region for generations to come."