written by
Dr. Noel Howell

The Motion Picture Association of Antigua and Barbuda hosted its 7th annual International Film Festival of Antigua, on
October 30th, 2022. The red-carpet event was held at the Dean William Lake Cultural Centre as part of the 41 st  Independence celebration.
The red-carpet event included a phenomenal presentation by the students of the Antigua Film Academy, where their movie “Nobody Hit Mi Pickney” premiered.
This short film was done by the students and won the award of “Best Student Film” at the Canadian film festival COMMFFEST.


The students are very excited to have their parents and friends see the movie that they had been diligently working on for the past year. The Antigua Film Academy is the educational arm of the Motion Picture Association of Antigua and Barbuda (MPAAB). For the past three years, the MPAAB has teamed up with COMMFFEST to host IFFAB.
This relationship has become very monumental for the developing film industry in Antigua. It offers filmmakers from the island an opportunity to have their films seen on an international level. It encourages filmmakers to work hard and strive for excellence. This collaboration between the MPAAB and COMMFFEST led to increased awareness of Antigua as an ideal location for film production. Both organizations have seen mutual growth and expanded their portfolio and network reach to film enthusiasts. This partnership will be boosted in December when a team from Antigua visits Canada for a book tour as they continue to expose and share their culture with Canadian fans.