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by ABAT Toronto

Lawrence Williams has been involved in Canadian Soccer from 1976. His journey in Toronto started with the Simba Sports Club, formed by a group of Antiguans back in 1970. Simba was previously known as Cavaliers and then Caribbean Ramblers. Simba developed into an organized and respectable team attracting players from 7 other communities. Simba played in various leagues, including the Toronto & District league, Latin American League, Caribbean Indoor Soccer League and the Malvern Soccer League.

The club participated in many tournaments. Each year was climaxed by a Labour Day visit to New York City to compete with the Cavaliers Soccer Club, made up of Antiguans living in New York. The Cavaliers team also came to Toronto annually, on the weekend close to their July 4th holiday. Simba also hosted a team from the V I and visited Antigua in 1989. 

Lawrence also coached the Cavaliers Netball Club, a competitive team that comprised primarily of Antiguan netball players. Cavaliers was established by the Antigua and Barbuda Association of Toronto.