The International Film Festival of Antigua & Barbuda

The International Film Festival of Antigua & Barbuda strives to educate its audience about the history and culture of Antigua & Barbuda. It achieves this by showcasing a variety of short films, documentaries and other pieces of work by independent filmmakers. These films often cover various topics that include mental health, social media and relationships. The organization’s mission is to showcase and bring together the works of global indigenous peoples alongside the mainstream celebrating culture and heritage.

Eric Delfish -" Black history Month"

Public Relations Officer of ABAT
Antigua & Barbuda Association of Toronto. by Norman Hart
I recently spoke with ABAT Public Relations Officer Eric Delfish who told how in 1974 he joined as a volunteer steward with other recently arrived young single people and said ABAT was formed in 1967 as a not-for-profit community organization.  


A MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP-Canada-Antigua " Black history Month"

Canada and  Antigua / Barbuda has had a relationship of mutual respect that goes all the way back to 1926 around the time of post slavery when governors from the Britain still ruled over the Island.  When other governors severely mistreated the island people especially workers, one man decided that he wanted to make a difference not just for the sake of ego but to help improve the lives of Antiguans overall.

Dominicans leverage new media technology to launch a virtual art exhibition

Dominicans leverage new media technology to launch a virtual art exhibition By Christal Clashing
On Saturday, January 16th, the Waitukubuli Artist Association, launched ‘WhoOsh!!2’ a virtual art exhibition that reflects the trauma and recovery of Dominicans as a result of Hurricane Maria which caused island-wide devastation across the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica in 2017.


On my most recent 2023 trip to Antigua & Barbuda,  I happened to be waiting my turn at a local bank in the town of English Harbour wearing my favourite Beatles T shirt when an elderly man approached commenting on the picture of the four lads. He told me his name was Cecil Andres Carlos but affectionately known as NUPPY. He said he was born in 1951 in English Harbour and fathered 10 boys and 5 girls.


At the present there are many Casinos in Antigua & Barbuda. Including Kings, The Boardwalk, Ascot’s Arcade, Paradise, Casino Royale, Granda Bay, and Joe Mikes Hotel Restaurant Casino. Gambling is entirely legal in this island nation and since 1994 is one of the biggest online (internet) providers in the world. Since 1988 the KING’S CASINO has been the most popular and is located on the seashore, not far from the parking lot of cruise liners.

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