A Day in Nerja, Spain

During the month of May, I have been in Spain attending language classes at the International Spanish Centre of the University of Málaga. I spent one of my weekends reunited with a friend who came all the way from Scotland. Together we explored a bit of Andalucía together.

Antiguan, Jacklyn Cornelius Payne becomes Toastmasters International Region Advisor in 6 U.S. states

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - April 1, 2022 -  Leadership in challenging times always begins with listening, says Brampton's resident Jacklyn Cornelius Payne, as she takes on the role of advising district leaders overseeing 570 Toastmasters International clubs across six U.S. states.

Decolonizing the Caribbean  Part Two

When asked whether decolonization is a process or a destination, McPhee asserts that decolonization is a process of moving away from, and an undoing. Actions such as replacing symbols, replacing the Crown and replacing the Privy Council make it seem like we’re going to a destination. McPhee states that decolonization is “a continuous process of changing the way we think, changing the way we live, and changing our value system”. In Democracy in Black, McPhee highlights Eddie Glaude’s discussion on the value gap and how society values whiteness more than blackness.

Decolonizing the Caribbean  Part One

Shelby McPhee is a Ph.D. student at McMaster University. He is from The Bahamas. His research looks at the ways in which colonialism continues to be recast and shapeshifted into modern-day politics, with a focus on the development project. His research interests include race, gender, international development, and the colonial continuities that exist within them. He is also an instructor at the University of The Bahamas.

NFT: Money or Art?

Remember the days of collecting trading cards? We used to get so excited to get baseball, basketball and other sports cards of our favorite players! How about the collectible Pokemon cards? These were a hit! Blockchain technology is making collectibles fun again, but instead of having to collect physical cards, they can be collected digitally.

Part 3 Becoming a Republic: The Case for Antigua and Barbuda

In this interview with Kieron Murdoch, we look at the possible negative effects of becoming a republic and examine the impact of colonialism on the Caribbean. Born in Antigua and Barbuda, Kieron Murdoch is a recent graduate of UWI St. Augustine, with a first degree in Political Science. Murdoch is also the producer and host of ‘The Big Issues’ at Observer Radio which runs on Sundays from 1pm-3pm. 

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