The Work of Kwame Delfish

Kwame Delfish is a Toronto-based artist of Antiguan and Montserratian parentage. Caribbean culture is his foundation and plays an important role in his artistry. Learning to play the drums at a young age and travelling with various Afro-Caribbean dance groups in Toronto have had a significant influence on how he expresses himself artistically. As a result, he applies rhythm to all aspects of his work. 

An Antiguan in Australia: A link to home with Ulo Australia

It’s been roughly five months since I moved to Melbourne this time around (the first time was in 2007 for a year). Somehow, I had managed to block out the winters and I have only fond memories of the summers. However, as we approach winter in the Southern Hemisphere, I’ve settled in enough to seek out the Antiguan connections I had been given contacts for before leaving Antigua back in February 2022.

A Day in Granada, Spain

Last month I was in Spain attending language classes at the International Spanish Centre of the University of Málaga. I spent one of my weekends reunited with a friend who came all the way from Scotland. Together we explored a bit of Andalucía together. Our weekend adventure consisted of three places: Nerja, Granada, and Sevilla. In this article I will be highlighting my trip to Granada.

Series: Where are we? What are we up to? Feature #1

This series looks at the lives of Antiguans who have left the nest to pursue education and careers outside of Antigua. It features persons in a range of areas such as the arts, business, technology and other areas our creative people have found themselves enthralled in. There is no definite number of interviews that will be attached to this series as I will continue to look far and wide for more of our stories to tell, so we can keep abreast of all the positive and great work our Antiguans and Barbudans are doing in the world.


On Wednesday May 25th 2022, the Antigua Film Academy had their first ever health fair with the theme: MENTAL ILLNESS IN HEALTHY YOUTHS - THE PARADOX. The president of the Motion Picture Association, Ms. Francine Carby was the opening speaker. She explained that the main purpose of the evening was to bring awareness to mental illnesses, as we joined in the world-wide celebration of May being the month of Mental Health Awareness. 

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